Embajada en Finlandia

Mempo Giardinelli in Helsinki, Tallinn and Riga

Friday, April 11, 2014

Famous Argentine writer and journalist Mempo Giardinelli visited Finland, Estonia and Latvia this week to speak at the Universities of Helsinki, Tallinn and Latvia (Riga), respectively, on the actuality of Argentine and Latin American literature from the perspective of a writer. The lectures were organized by the Argentine Embassy in Finland in collaboration with the respective Universities, and led to an interesting and friendly exchange between the writer and the audience. Entrance was free.

The writer

Mempo Giardinelli is both a writer and a journalist. He has been exiled in Mexico between 1976 and 1984. On his return he founded and directed the magazine "Puro Cuento". His literary work has been translated into twenty languages ​​and has received important awards. He is the author of various novels, stories, essays and children's literature. Luna caliente, La revolución en bicicleta, Visitas después de hora, Vidas ejemplares and 9 Historias de Amor can be highlited among his best-known publications. Mempo Giardinelli also founded and chairs a foundation that bears his name, dedicated to the promotion of reading as well as teaching and research on reading pedagogy (more information at: www.fundamgiardinelli.org.ar)


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